R&B Snippets: Beyonce, Ashanti & More!

BEYONCE AND JAY Z VACATION ON $400 MILLION YACHT: Jay Z, Beyonce and some of their family and friends are vacationing on a $400 million yacht in the Mediterranean for her 40th birthday. According to celebrity real estate blog HouseOfCelebs, the superyacht rents for a whopping $4.2 million a week. Built in 2019, the 450-foot long “Flying Fox” can accommodate up to 25 guests and comes with a 39-foot pool on the main deck, a movie theater, nightclub, elevator, and two helipads. While on board, 55 crew members will cater to your every need. Bey’s mom Tina Lawson, friend Kelly Rowland and their kids are all on board.

ASHANTI ISN’T GETTING BACK WITH NELLY: Ashanti has denied that she will be reconciling with ex Nelly –who walked across the stage during the Ja Rule and Fat Joe VERZUZ to give her a hug. During a live with Fat Joe, Ashanti spoke on the hug, saying, “Listen, there’s nothing happening. Now look, this is the crazy part. I had no idea he was gonna be there and I haven’t seen him or spoken to him since we broke up. Six years or something? So, I didn’t know what to expect. I seen him move you out the way.” She continued, “Listen, I wasn’t expecting it. And that’s the crazy thing! I seen his eyes get big and I didn’t know what was gonna happen. I didn’t know what to expect. It was positive,” Ashanti said. Ja added, “You know, Nelly’s single now.” Ashanti responded, “Yeah, but I ain’t! So…”

CHLOE BAILEY DENIES DATING FUTURE: Chloe Bailey has denied a MediaTakeout report that she is dating Future and has joined the illuminati. She said, “Oh, um… yeah, I don’t know where that rumor came from. Someone asked if me and Future talked. He’s a wonderful fella, love his music. I’ve never spoken to him a day in my life.” On the illuminati rumors, she said, “One moment you all say that I talk about God too much. Then, next you say I’m selling my soul.  Which is it my loves? I love God so much and I love music. I just have a lot of passion. That’s it. I didn’t sell my soul. No. It’s funny to see online.I’m happy you all think that the song is doing well enough for me to have to do that. But, no.”


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