Actor Scott Weintraub returns to Portsmouth NH in one-man show

J. Dennis Robinson

The last time I interviewed Scott Weintraub he and a talented acting troupe were performing a cabaret called “We Sing, We Dance, Etc.” aboard a local cruise ship. That was in the early 1980s. Scott was also part of the first revival of The Music Hall. He and his wife Nancy also saved the Prescott Park summer festival from shutting down. A classically-trained equity actor imported from the Big Apple, Scott Weintraub was handsome, hilarious, and bursting with energy. We all knew this guy was going places. He did.

Then the cruise ship caught fire. My newspaper closed down. Prescott Park recovered. And after 10 years making Portsmouth audiences swoon, Scott Weintraub packed up and left us. But this month, four decades later, the prodigal actor who played a key role in the renaissance of Portsmouth performing arts is back. 

A New Yorker by birth, actor Scott Weintraub arrived in Portsmouth, NH as an equity actor for Theatre by the Sea in 1975. After a decade appearing in 30 productions, he left for Los Angeles. After 37 years teaching theater he returns with a one-man cabaret, "Scott Weintraub: Return to Portsmouth," at Pontine’s 1845 Plains Schoolhouse the weekend of September 24-26.

His one-man hour-long cabaret is appropriately titled “Scott Weintraub: Return to Portsmouth.”  Tickets for the three-day event may be hard to find. Performances will be held at the intimate Pontine 1845 Plains Schoolhouse the weekend of Sept. 24 to 26. But all shows will be videotaped with plans to present an edited version online via Zoom the following weekend of Oct.1 to 3. 

“Through songs and anecdotes I’ll be exploring my time in Portsmouth,” Scott told me from his California home last week. “Why did I come there in the first place? Why did I stay so long? And why do I keep coming back?”

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